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About Me

Huge, immense, and extra-big thanks to my wonderful partner, Gowri, for helping me launch this website! This blog will be an outlet for my latest readings and thoughts about urban space, environmental sustainability, and culture. There is so much happening in both academic and mainstream circles related to environmental humanities that I am inspired to use this space as a site for threading together some of those conversations, and also for my own explorations of the complex and rich intersection of environmental studies and art.

A bit about me: I’m a graduate student in Somerville, Mass. working on a dissertation about 20th and 21st-century American literature and urban space discourse. For more about my graduate work, click here. A significant part of my interest in urban space comes from my experience as a community organizer in Chinatown Boston. I was not a community organizer for very long, two years. Nonetheless it was an immensely powerful learning experience because Chinatown was just beginning to face the current wave of urban revitalization and gentrification that has been changing its borders and skyline since the early millennium. My experience there taught me a lot about the challenges in urban development and ideas of progress. Still, my organizing work left me with many more questions than answers so I decided to continue my interest in urban processes in my graduate work.

In my free time, I volunteer in a local Chinese American women’s oral history group and enjoy traveling. So, some of my posts may be reflections from my wanderings. Thank you for visiting the website!